The Top 10 Best Camping Griddles of 2023

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a delicious meal in the great outdoors, cooked on the best camping griddle that perfectly suits your needs and preferences. With the vast array of griddles available in the market today, it can be daunting to select the perfect one. In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best camping griddles of 2023, along with key factors to consider when choosing one, and valuable tips for using and maintaining your griddle to ensure its longevity and performance. Let’s dive in and find the ideal best camping griddle for your next camping adventure!

Key Takeaways

  • This article provides an overview of the top 10 camping griddles of 2023, featuring factors such as durability, cooking surfaces, fuel compatibility and portability.
  • When selecting a camping griddle it is important to consider factors such as material and size, fuel type and compatibility, portability and ease of transport.
  • Tips for proper cleaning & maintenance are also provided to ensure good condition & extend performance lifespan.

Top 10 Camping Griddles

A picture of a camping griddle with a large cooking surface

A good camping griddle can truly elevate your outdoor cooking experience, offering convenience and versatility to prepare a wide variety of dishes. We’ve researched and handpicked the top 10 best camping griddles of 2023, covering different types, sizes, and fuel options to cater to various needs and preferences. Our selection is based on factors such as:

  • Durability
  • Cooking surface
  • Fuel compatibility
  • Portability
  • User reviews

Without further ado, let’s explore these top-notch griddles that can make your camping trips even more memorable.

Each of the top 10 camping griddles will be discussed in detail in the subsections below, highlighting their features, benefits, and applicability in various camping scenarios. From portable propane griddles to versatile electric options, you’ll find the perfect griddle to enhance your outdoor cooking experience.

Blackstone Tabletop Griddle

The Blackstone Tabletop Griddle is a highly acclaimed portable propane griddle that boasts the following features:

  • Two H-shaped burners
  • Spacious 330 sq in cooking surface
  • Ideal for camping or RVing
  • Ease of use
  • Large cooking surface
  • Durability
  • Grease management system
  • Battery-powered push-button ignition

These features ensure a hassle-free cooking experience.

For those seeking a versatile camping griddle with an ample cooking area and superior heat distribution, the Blackstone Tabletop Griddle is an ideal choice. Its features include:

  • Portability: easy to transport, set up, and store
  • Double burners: provide ample power for cooking a variety of dishes
  • Popularity: a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts and RV campers

Coleman RoadTrip 285

The Coleman RoadTrip 285 is a versatile portable propane grill/griddle combo that features a 285 sq inch cooking surface and three independent burners. This griddle offers flexibility and convenience, allowing you to grill and griddle simultaneously, catering to a variety of meal preferences. The RoadTrip 285 is equipped with a push-start ignitor, and its heat output reaches up to 20,000 BTUs, providing ample power for your outdoor cooking needs.

In order to use the Coleman RoadTrip 285 as a griddle, the RoadTrip Swaptop Griddle plate must be purchased separately. But once you have it, you’ll enjoy the convenience of a large cooking surface and the ability to customize your cooking experience.

With its three flexible burners and easy transportability, the Coleman RoadTrip 285 is an excellent addition to any camping trip.

Lodge Reversible Griddle/Grill Plate

The Lodge Reversible Griddle/Grill Plate features:

  • Robust cast iron construction
  • Grill grate for versatile cooking options
  • Excellent heat distribution for even cooking
  • Compatibility with various heat sources, including stovetop, grill, and campfire
  • Superior heat control and durability

The gas grill griddle station is a popular choice for outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

Keep in mind that depending on your heat source, additional equipment may be necessary to use the Lodge Reversible Griddle/Grill Plate. If you already own a grill or prefer to cook over a campfire, the Lodge Reversible Griddle/Grill Plate is an ideal complement to your camping equipment, providing versatility and reliability in your outdoor cooking endeavors.

Camp Chef Professional Fry Griddle

The Camp Chef Professional Fry Griddle is a top-of-the-line griddle that features:

  • A generous cooking surface
  • Consistent heat distribution
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Heat diffuser plates
  • A non-stick and easy-to-maintain cooking surface

This makes it an ideal choice for catering to larger groups and is perfect for camping, tailgating, picnics, and other outdoor cooking events.

Featuring tall edges along the sides, a drain for directing excess grease, and a collection cup, this griddle is designed for convenient use. This allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. With its expansive cooking surface and even heat distribution, the Camp Chef Professional Fry Griddle is the ideal portable camping griddle for large groups, ensuring everyone can enjoy a delicious meal cooked to perfection.

Royal Gourmet Portable 24-Inch 3-Burner Gas Grill Griddle

The Royal Gourmet Portable 24-Inch 3-Burner Gas Grill Griddle is a durable and affordable griddle that offers:

  • Individually activated burners for precise temperature control
  • Three stainless steel burners
  • A porcelain-coated cooking surface
  • A grease collector for easy clean-up

Although it has a substantial weight of 30 lbs, the Royal Gourmet Portable Griddle is a great option for those seeking reliable performance at an affordable price.

Hamilton 3-in-1 Electric Griddle

The Hamilton 3-in-1 Electric Griddle is a versatile electric griddle with two cook zones and a reversible cook surface, making it an ideal choice for RV camping. This griddle functions as an indoor grill, griddle, or a combination of both. Its nonstick cooking plates are reversible, with one side being griddle-smooth and the other side ridged, offering flexibility in your cooking options.

From RV camping and small outdoor cooking events to home use, the Hamilton 3-in-1 Electric Griddle proves to be a versatile option.

Cuisinart CGG-180T Portable Propane Griddle

The Cuisinart CGG-180T Portable Propane Griddle is a highly rated portable gas grill with a 5,550 BTU burner, 145 square inch cooking space, and foldaway legs for easy transport and storage. This compact griddle is perfect for small outdoor cooking events or when space is a premium.

With its powerful burner and even-heating grate, the Cuisinart CGG-180T Portable Propane Griddle ensures that your meals are cooked to perfection, no matter where your adventures take you.

Pit Boss PB336GS Two Burner Portable Flat Top Camping Griddle

The Pit Boss PB336GS Two Burner Portable Flat Top Camping Griddle features:

  • Standalone griddle
  • Pre-seasoned surface
  • Adjustable non-skid feet
  • 320 sq inch cook surface

This griddle is perfect for those who prefer a flat surface cooking surface without the need for a grill.

Its two burners provide ample heat for cooking a variety of dishes, and the pre-seasoned surface ensures a non-stick cooking experience. Whether you’re cooking breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the Pit Boss PB336GS griddle is a reliable and convenient addition to your camping gear.

Eureka! Gonzo Grill Portable 3-in-1 Camping Stove

The Eureka! Gonzo Grill Portable 3-in-1 camp stoves, specifically the Camping Stove, is a compact and versatile cook system that can be combined with other Gonzo grills for larger setups. This unique cooking system is conveniently sized like a soup kettle and can accommodate up to four hamburger patties.

Its compact size and versatility make it an excellent choice for campers who prefer a smaller cook system that still delivers great performance. Combine it with other Gonzo grills to create a larger, more versatile cooking setup for your outdoor adventures.

Weber Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill

The Weber Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill features:

  • Quick-heat camping griddle
  • Perfect for cooking oily or succulent foods, even in windy conditions
  • Portable design
  • 5,500 BTU burner
  • 145 square inch cooking space
  • Spill-resistant drip tray for easy clean-up

The Weber Q1200 is an excellent option for those who want a reliable and mobile grilling solution that can handle a variety of cooking situations, ensuring delicious meals on your camping trips.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Camping Griddle

A picture of a camping griddle with a cast iron griddle and stainless steel burners

With an understanding of the top 10 best camping griddles of 2023, considering certain key factors is crucial in choosing a griddle that suits your needs. In the following subsections, we’ll discuss aspects such as:

  • Durability and material
  • Cooking surface and size
  • Fuel type and compatibility
  • Portability and ease of transport
  • Accessories and additional features.

Taking these factors into account will enable you to select the most suitable camping griddle to enrich your outdoor cooking experience.

Durability and Material

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a camping griddle is the durability and material of the griddle. Cast iron, stainless steel, and aluminum are common materials used for camping griddles.

Cast iron griddles are known for their excellent heat distribution and durability, but they can be heavy and require regular seasoning to maintain a non-stick surface. A cast iron griddle, on the other hand, has many advantages over cast iron. They have a high resistance to rust and corrosion and are easy to clean and maintain.

Aluminum griddles are lightweight and cost-effective, often featuring a non-stick coating for convenient cooking and cleaning. By understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each material, you can make an informed decision on the best camping griddle for your needs.

Cooking Surface and Size

The size and cooking surface of the griddle is another critical factor to consider while making a selection. This will largely depend on the size of your camping group and how much food you need to prepare at once.

For small groups of 2-5 people, a small portable griddle should suffice, while for larger groups, a griddle with a cooking surface of 28 inches or more is recommended. By considering the size of your group, you can ensure that you have ample cooking space to efficiently prepare meals for everyone during your camping trip.

Fuel Type and Compatibility

When selecting a camping griddle, it’s critical to consider the type of fuel and its compatibility. The most common fuel types for camping griddles are:

  • Wood
  • Butane
  • Gas
  • White gasoline

Propane is a popular option for its clean-burning properties and wide availability, but it can be more expensive than other fuel types and requires careful handling to prevent potential hazards.

It is important to ensure that the fuel type is compatible with your chosen heat source, whether it’s a camp stove, grill, or open fire. By evaluating the fuel options available for camping griddles, you can make an informed decision on the best griddle for your preferred cooking method.

Portability and Ease of Transport

A picture of the best camping griddle with a compact and lightweight design for easy portability and transport on outdoor trips.

The portability and ease of transport are critical considerations when choosing a camping griddle. A lightweight and compact griddle with folding or nesting components will be easier to carry and store during your camping trip. You may also want to look for griddles with carry bags or heavy-duty plastic bags designed for transport.

By assessing the weight and size of the griddle, as well as any folding or nesting components, you can ensure that you choose a camping griddle that is easy to transport and store.

Accessories and Additional Features

Finally, think about any helpful accessories or extra features that could improve your experience with the camping griddle. Some griddles offer grease traps, covers, or adjustable heat controls, which can make cooking and cleaning more convenient.

Other griddles may come with additional accessories such as griddle silicone mats, griddle accessories kits, or seasonings. By taking into account any useful accessories and features, you can select a camping griddle that best suits your needs and preferences, ensuring a more enjoyable outdoor cooking experience.

Tips for Using and Maintaining Your Camping Griddle

A picture of a camping griddle with a removable grease tray and a propane fueled griddle

Having gained knowledge about the top 10 best camping griddles and the factors to bear in mind when choosing one, it’s vital to understand the proper use and maintenance of your griddle for its durability and performance.

In the following subsections, we’ll provide valuable tips for proper cleaning and care, safe cooking practices, and proper storage and transport of your camping griddle.

Proper Cleaning and Care

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your camping griddle are crucial to ensure its good condition, prevent rusting, and create a non-stick surface. For cast iron griddles, it’s essential to season them regularly with oil to maintain their non-stick surface and prevent rusting.

Stainless steel and aluminum griddles typically require less maintenance but should still be cleaned after each use to prevent buildup and maintain their performance. By keeping your griddle clean and well-maintained, you can ensure its extended performance and lifespan.

Safe and Efficient Cooking

Safe and efficient cooking on your camping griddle is critical to avoid mishaps and guarantee tasty meals. Make sure to use appropriate utensils, such as a spatula or a griddle scraper, to avoid damaging the cooking surface.

It’s also important to monitor the temperature of the griddle to prevent it from getting too hot, which can cause food to burn or stick to the surface. By following these simple tips, you can ensure safe and efficient cooking on your camping griddle, allowing you to enjoy delicious meals during your camping adventures.

Storage and Transport

Correct storage and transport of your camping griddle is crucial for its durability and performance. Here are some tips to follow:

  1. Before storing your griddle, make sure it is clean and seasoned if necessary.
  2. A carry bag designed for the griddle or a large heavy-duty plastic bag are suitable options for storage.
  3. Make sure the griddle is upright or supported horizontally.
  4. Store the grease tray in a sealed container.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your camping griddle stays in good condition and performs well.

Additionally, avoid storing the griddle in areas with high humidity, which can contribute to rusting. By following these recommendations, you can keep your camping griddle in optimal condition and ready for your next outdoor cooking adventure.


In conclusion, selecting the perfect camping griddle for your needs can greatly enhance your outdoor cooking experience. With our comprehensive list of the top 10 best camping griddles of 2023 and essential factors to consider when choosing one, you’re well-equipped to make an informed decision. By following our tips for using and maintaining your griddle, you’ll ensure its longevity and performance, allowing you to enjoy delicious meals on your camping trips for years to come. Happy griddling!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are blackstone griddles cast iron?

Yes, Blackstone griddles are made of cast iron, a combination of steel and carbon.

What materials are commonly used for camping griddles?

Camping griddles are commonly made from cast iron or stainless steel, making them durable and ideal for outdoor cooking.

What is the seasoning process and why is it critical for cast iron griddles?

Seasoning is a critical process for cast iron griddles, as it creates a non-stick surface and protects the material from rust.

What are the advantages of using a stainless steel griddle while camping?

The advantages of using a stainless steel griddle while camping are clear – it is resistant to rust and corrosion, as well as simpler to clean and maintain compared to cast iron.

How can I ensure safe and efficient cooking on my camping griddle?

To ensure safe and efficient cooking on your camping griddle, use appropriate utensils and monitor the temperature.

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